EPAL system upcycled

 We are ALL concerned about the environment and like you i wish to influence our world and do my part to shape a cleaner future.

In doing so I create artwork from products that would otherwise be thrown away ,and together we can clear our recycling and upcycle our waste to produce art.

From the pictures below, I have de-constructed the original transport palette framework and reconstructed the wood with provisions made to hang the picture, and have made cosmetic changes to improve the image against the hardwood, additionally I have removed dangerous parts and sanded the wood, and drilled holes in the sides.

Europalettes have been around for 50 years, they are used for furniture, garden accessories, and even mini-bars! The palettes are EU approved. Europalettes are found everywhere in Europe. Transport companies use them to carry goods worldwide.The wood can be good quality and worthy of repair.

I came up with the idea of europalette work when I was thinking of changing from canvas work and I wanted a more natural product which supported my theory that artwork should be more natural.

I dissassemble the components of the transport palette and re-construct a lighter frame that can be wall mounted as a picture. All pictures can be hung inside or outside, I have lacquered them.The treated wood slats are very strong,joined with rope which can carry the weight and can be connected and disconnected within a short time frame. Packed up, a picture can be minimized to a single slat wide, length does not change.